How It Works

The Connecticut Hospitality Awareness Training (CHAT) program provides the knowledge and resources needed to improve hospitality practices in the tourism and services industry. CHAT will equip you with skills and feed your passion so you can offer your best to customers.

CHAT Statewide

The program is a mix of engaging tourism scenarios, tips on excelling in the guest service industry, and a short quiz to test you on what you’ve learned! These lessons will cover important concepts needed to build a strong foundation in hospitality services.

There are seven modules in the statewide CHAT program. Each covers a different aspect of working in the hospitality industry. Whether you are someone who works directly with visitors or someone who might encounter a guest in the course of your work, CHAT is sure to benefit you. A final quiz section includes a few short questions that will help you to understand how well the program has prepared you for work in the hospitality industry.

Once you have successfully completed the quiz section of CHAT, you will be awarded a certificate that you will be able to use when applying for employment or to demonstrate your commitment to excellence to your current employer.

CHAT also offers an advanced program focusing on Eastern Connecticut attractions. Participants can combine CHAT and the Eastern Region curriculum to gain an expansive knowledge of Connecticut tourism.

CHAT Eastern Region

Each module in the CHAT Eastern Region program focuses on an area of Eastern Connecticut. Each lesson explores key vendors and venues that make Eastern Connecticut a unique and exciting tourist destination. The program includes Knowledge Checks following each module to help participants retain information.

Once you have successfully completed the quiz section of CHAT Eastern Region, you will be invited on an Eastern Region Familiarization Tour (FAM Tour), where you’ll get to visit in person some of the very attractions you learned about online!

The great part about the CHAT curriculum is that you can come and go at your own pace! You can always return to where you left off, if you need a break!  And even after you’ve completed the training, received your certificate, and participated in the Eastern Region FAM Tour, you can continue to log in to the site to access the content – helping you to be the best tourism professional you can be!

The cost for CHAT is $10. CHAT Eastern Region is available for $20. The combo package is available for the discounted rate of $20 with both programs included, which saves you $10!

When you register you will immediately be able to start the course and embark on your tourism training journey!